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Ask the Queen to use low carbon heating from London’s lost rivers

Beneath London run lost rivers. Using the magic of heat pumps, they could provide the city with low carbon heating and cooling - something we really need to tackle climate change.

The lost River Tyburn flows below Buckingham Palace. A heat pump in the right spot could provide the palace with loads of heating - far more than it needs even on the coldest days.

We’re writing to the Queen asking her to consider installing a heat pump and taking a lead on low carbon heating. Will you join us?

Your Majesty the Queen,

We welcome your eagerness to lead on environmental matters, and your current plans to improve the environmental standards of Buckingham Palace. Our recent research has found that a heat pump in the underground River Tyburn could provide low-carbon heating for the Palace. 

Please consider exploring this possibility in detail as part of your current refurbishments.

people have already signed. Will you join then?