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Donate to unblock onshore wind

We all know how urgently we need to tackle the climate crisis. One easy way the UK could start putting solutions into place is building more onshore wind turbines.

But instead, the government have all but banned new turbines. It’s time for us to ramp up the pressure.

We’re working with MPs of all parties to persuade the government to change their minds. We’ve already got lots of MPs signed up, but to win we need hundreds more.

We need your help. Can you make a donation to get more MPs on board? With your support, we could:

  • Get 40 more people writing to their MPs about the letter - £10
  • Train a wind supporter to ace lobbying their MP - £30
  • Send letters to all Conservative MPs asking them to sign - £200

We cannot allow our government to continue blocking our one of our best climate solutions.

Can you help us to continue fighting for onshore wind?

wind farm

PS. If we get more money than we need for the Blown Away campaign, we'll put the rest of the donations towards our other work tackling climate change. We hope that's ok.

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